On Campus Resources

Division of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - LGBTQ+ Resources

Another database of LGBTQ+ resources available to the UIowa community.

LGBTQ Safe Zone Training

The LGBTQ Safe Zone Project is a campus-wide program from the office of Inclusive Education and Strategic Initiatives, that offers a visible message of inclusion, affirmation, and support to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) people in the university community. There are three parts to this training: Phase I, Phase II, and Trans Awareness.

Office of Institutional Equity

(202 Jessup Hall, 319-335-0705 voice, 335-0697 text)
Responsible for the University's compliance with internal policies, including the UI Human Rights Policy, and with federal and state nondiscrimination and affirmative action laws. Also provides educational programs and resources regarding issues facing the LGBT community.


Trans@Iowa exists as a resource for trans students, communities, and their allies. This website is to identify services and resources for trans and non-binary individuals at the University of Iowa as well as their allies. We encourage you to explore our directories of support services, affirming healthcare options, community organizations, and much more.

University Counseling Service

(330 WL, 319-335-7294)
Sponsors 'coming out' support group, individual counseling and services geared toward LGBT populations. The web page has sections for students and faculty/staff.

Women's Resource and Action Center

WRAC works to create greater equity for individuals and communities of all identities, with a particular focus on women, through activism, social justice initiatives, leadership training, advocacy, service, and personal and professional development.

UIHC University of Iowa Health Care LGBTQI+ Staff and Faculty Group

This group was formed to foster an inclusive community and to provide members of the LGBTQ+ community with networking and mentoring opportunities. 

University Benefits Office

(202 EL, 319-335-2676)
Responsible for overseeing the University's staff benefits program, which includes the ability to insure the same-sex domestic partners of UI Professional & Scientific staff and faculty.

Gender, Women's, & Sexuality Studies Program

(210 JB, 319-335-3884)
Academic program which offers an undergraduate certificate for completing 18 semester hours of interdisciplinary coursework in topics related to human sexuality and sexual identities. Contact Laura Kastens for more details.


A social/activist group for bi/les/queer/dyke-identified women in graduate school.

LGBTQ+ Advocates for Public Health Equity

LGBT+ Advocates for Public Health Equity is a student organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and allied individuals enrolled or affiliated with the University of Iowa. We are dedicated to helping make the College of Public Health an accessible and inclusive space for all people and promote scholarly inquiry on related public health issues.


Outlaws student organization provides opportunities for students to come together and address the political, social, and academic concerns of LGBTQIA+ students. We concentrate on increasing awareness and discussion of the anti-queer presence in the law and creating a sense of community for LGBTQIA+ students through meetings and events. 

Queer Liberation Front


Queer Liberation Front (formerly Spectrum UI) is a student-run organization that strives to provide a safe space for all members of the university community to explore aspects of sexual orientation and gender identity/expression in a welcome and accepting atmosphere, regardless of race/ethnicity, age, orientation, ability, or background.

Reaching OUT in Business

Reaching OUT in Business is a student led organization that focuses on creating a community of allies and LGBTQ members. 

University Counseling Service

(330 WL, 319-335-7294)
Sponsors 'coming out' support group, individual counseling and services geared toward LGBT populations. The web page has sections for students and faculty/staff.

Student Legal Services

(G115 Iowa Memorial Union , 319-335-3276)

Their office has licensed attorneys who provide free legal advice and low-cost representation to students on a variety of legal issues including civil rights, name changes, and protective orders. Their services are confidential.

Women's Resource and Action Center (WRAC)

(130 N. Madison, 319-335-1486)
Sponsors a 'coming out' group and several LGBTQ+-related support groups. Publishes a monthly newsletter featuring a calendar of events.

Community Resources

UIHC LGBTQ Clinic - Iowa River Landing

The University of Iowa Health Care LGBTQ Clinic offers comprehensive care in a welcoming, inclusive environment.

UIHC LGBTQ Patient resources

Members of the LGBTQ clinic team have compiled information for members of the LGBTQ community, answering frequently asked questions, and putting together resources for family members.

UIHC LGBTQ Provider resources for providing care to LGBTQ Patients

UI Health Care's LGBTQ clinic has trained all members of the health care team including providers, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, and ancillary staff in culturally competent care principles. This website puts together many resources to help increase the provider's knowledge and train clinic staff on providing culturally competent care, with respect to the LGBTQ community.

Emma Goldman Clinic

(227 N. Dubuque St., 319-337-2111)
Nonjudgmental information and health services including reproductive and gender-affirming care. Co-sponsors an annual Lesbian Health Night with the Free Medical Clinic.

Iowa City Free Medical Clinic

(2440 Towncrest Dr., Appointments: 319-337-4459)
Nonjudgmental free healthcare, including free HIV testing and STD screening for eligible patients.

The LGBTTQI Aging in Johnson County Resource Guide

Compiled by the Visibility Action Team, the manual's purpose is to provide LGBTTQI aging adults and their caregivers with information about important aging topics, especially those unique to the LGBTTQI community

Iowa City PRIDE

Committee of community/campus volunteers which coordinates activities for the annual LGBT Pride celebration in June.

Iowa City Bi-Group

A discussion and support group for bisexual people and people exploring their sexuality. Group provides bi-community and meets bi-monthly. Call the Women's Resource and Action Center, 319-335-1486.

Iowa City Human Rights Commission

(410 E. Washington St., 319-356-5022)
Charged with implementing the City's Human Rights ordinance which includes protection against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. Distributes their landmark film on transexual issues.

Iowa Families Valued!

A social/networking group for families headed by same-sex partners, lesbian/gay parents and their children.

Johnson County Department of Public Health

(1105 Gilbert Ct., 319-356-6040)
Safer sex prevention and education programs for gays and lesbians, including the Men Supporting Men program for men who have sex with men.

OWLS -- Older and Wiser Lesbians

This group meets monthly in Iowa City. During COVID-19, they will be holding Zoom meetings. Afterwards, they plan to meet at local coffee shops. For information, call 319-339-4604 or e-mail Katharine.

The Quire: Eastern Iowa's GLBT Chorus

Rehearses weekly and offers several public concerts each year.

United Action for Youth

(410 Iowa Ave., 319-338-9279)
Support and counseling for teenagers and young adults processing sexual identity issues. For information, call 319-338-7518 or the Teen Line, 319-338-0559.

Gay and Sober

Helps connect LGBTQ+ people connect with local Alcoholics Anonymous, Crystal Meth Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous chapters/resources.


A national organization that provides support to LGBT persons, their families and friends through dialogue and activism. The local chapter is based out of Cedar Rapids and runs two styles of meetings:

PFLAG support meetings are for LGBTQ people and their families to meet, share stories, and get support. This is a great place for parents and family members who are unsure of their child's sexuality or need answers or understanding.

Transformations is a support group for trans people all across the gender spectrum to come together and discuss their experiences with one another, and share support and openness with one another. The group is primarily for young adults and older, but people younger than that are more than welcome as well. Transformations is also open to parents, people who are questioning, or allies who wish to join.

Finding Your True Voice: A Guide to Gender-Affirming Verbal Communication

This is a resource from Online Speech Pathology Programs, written by Speech Pathologist, Emily Waters. This guide provides recommendations and tools to help anyone gain confidence and better express who they are through verbal communication. 

Job & Career Guide for LGBTQ+ Candidates

This guide from Resume Builder, is a comprehensive resource tailored to empower LGBTQ+ job seekers on the professional journey. It covers important areas, including understanding rights, assessing job options, exploring industries, creating effective resumes, and excelling in job interviews. Additionally, it supplies LGBTQ+ resource links for each state, enhancing the assistance available.

LGBT Near Me

(2261 Market Street,  #296 San Francisco, CA  94114, 415-355-0003)

As a program of the LGBT National Help Center, we offer access to over 18,000 LGBTQIA+ community resources through-out the United States and Canada.  From community centers, doctors & lawyers, social groups, sport teams, youth support and so much more!